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Parashoot Accessory

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Product Description

This exciting, innovative product from Brookite features a clever, new release mechanism. Simply attach the parachute to the mechanism and send it
up the kite line – the parachute falls to the ground and the kite stays in the air.

Parashoot x 2
Release Mechanism Line Stops x 2
Parashoot Accessory

About Brookite

Brookite have been manufacturing kites and outdoor toys for over 100 years. In that time the design and materials have changed enormously......  more...

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Competition winner. Everyone placing an order at the recent Toy Fair and Spring Fair had a chance to win their order absolutely free of charge. Brookite have now made the draw...

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Peterkin (UK) Limited, 85 Commercial Square, Freemens Common, Leicester, LE2 7SR
Registration Number: 00566155
Tel: 0116 254 3645
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